Trade Show

2023 Trade Show Map

Join us on the trade show floor at TSD to learn about the latest innovative technologies and services the transportation industry has to offer. See the listing below to learn more  about each exhibitor and what services and products they will be offering at the 2023 TSD Trade Show.

Trade Show Schedule :

Date: Saturday, 11/18
Time: 5:30 pm–8 pm
Trade Show + Tailgate Reception

Date: Sunday, 11/19
Time: 9:30 am–1 pm
Trade Show + Lunch

2023 Exhibitor Info

#, A – L

247 Security – Booth 301

247Security is a leading provider and manufacturer of mobile digital video recording equipment, security cameras and GPS data.

ADROIT – Booth 704

Adroit provides students with a unique transportation experience. Ensuring safety, consistency, and efficiency to families and school districts.

AMF Bruns of America – Booth 701

AMF-Bruns of America manufactures occupant and wheelchair securement systems for the safe transportation of people with limited mobility. We invented the world’s first 4-point retractor wheelchair anchoring system. Today we service customers in more than 50 countries throughout North and South America, Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

AMF-Bruns of America is a global market leader in the field of vehicle technology for the wheelchair passenger. Our company expertly combines state-of-the-art technology with skills accumulated from nearly 60 years’ experience in the mobility industry. We manufacture wheelchair securement products, occupant restraint systems and associated equipment for the safe transportation of people with limited mobility.

Bergstrom Inc – Booth 714

Bergstrom, a global leader for 70 years in climate control solutions, supplies OEM and Aftermarket AC and heating systems for a variety of markets including the school bus industry. By combining engineering talent, lean manufacturing principals and a global footprint, Bergstrom offers a unique blend of marketplace focus and customer value.

BESI – Booth 311

Seat Covers, Securements, Evacuation, Training

Bitimec School Wash-Bots – Booth 318

Bitimec’s Wash-Bots are advanced, affordable Bus Wash Systems delivering positive ROI to fleets nationwide. A single operator can wash up to 40 buses in one shift; each unit in 6-8 minutes. The 15 sq. ft. machines do not need a dedicated building and can be tucked out of the way when not in use.

BorgWarner EV Charging Solutions – Booth 724

BorgWarner EV Charging Systems develops and manufactures next-generation bi-directional electric vehicle charging infrastructure, high-efficiency power conversion systems and energy management system (EMS) software for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capable electric vehicle fleet charging, energy storage and microgrid applications. The high reliability of our solutions is the result of decades of experience developing high-power systems for a variety of applications and deployment scenarios, including UL-1741-SA system-to-grid solutions.

BraunAbility – Booth 321

BraunAbility offers two series of wheelchair lifts for school bus applications: The Century-2 and Millennium-2. The Century-2 offers a spring-loaded roll stop mechanism, while the Millennium-2 Series offers a hydraulic roll stop.
All BraunAbility bus wheelchair lifts are NHTSA-approved, and they will provide years of service and mobility independence, as long as they are installed and maintained as specified, and as long as a trained person or attendant operates them.

BYD Motors – Booth 411

BYD is the only EV maker to master battery, electric motors & vehicle control technologies. BYD’s proprietary Iron-Phosphate batteries are the heart of our company, providing safe, reliable power to all our vehicles and energy storage systems. Founded in 1995 as a pioneer in battery technology, BYD, is the Official Sponsor of Mother Nature. The BYD mission is to change the world by creating a complete, zero-emission ecosystem powered by clean energy that reduces the world’s reliance on petroleum. BYD’s innovative products are leaders in multiple sectors, including battery-electric automobiles, transit and coach buses, school buses, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and forklifts; the SkyRail monorail system; solar power generation and energy storage systems; and consumer electronics

Bytecurve – Booth 211

Scheduling, Dispatch and Time Keeping Platform

Clean Spray Technologies – Booth 804

CleanSpray Technologies, LLC offers the CleanTransit™ Automated Infection Control System.  CleanTransit is a patented on-demand fogging system that allows a proven and consistent method for disinfecting vehicles, with no wipe down required! Activate and walk away!  Our botanical disinfectant protects drivers, students and other passengers by eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals used in traditional cleaning methods.  

Easy Way Safety Services – Booth 601

Reseller of Child Safety Restraint Systems, Seat Covers and Foams, Wheelchair Tie Downs. Lights and School Bus Parts.

Education Logistics (Edulog) – Booth 517

Edulog is your one-stop-shop for innovative technology and easy-to-use applications. Our latest school bus app, Parent Portal, reduces incoming phone calls and brings peace of mind to your community. Parents receive real-time and accurate information directly on their phone. Messaging allows for communication with parents individually or by bus, route, school, or customized groups.

EverDriven – Booth 305

Alternative Student Transportation for School Districts Nationwide. Our mission is to provide equal opportunities, mobility, and peace of mind to the most vulnerable in our communities.

First Light Safety Products – Booth 604

First Light incorporates LED technology into essential safety indicators to improve the visibility of school buses.

First Student – Booth 421

Your best partner for safe and reliable student transportation

Gatekeeper Systems – Booth 528

Gatekeeper Systems Video solutions provider

HopSkipDrive – Booth 628

Designed by protective moms and driven by caregivers, HopSkipDrive is the leader in innovative, scalable transportation solutions for schools, districts, government agencies and families. HopSkipDrive’s advanced technology platform and industry-leading operational expertise provide school districts with safety, flexibility and visibility while helping to create opportunity for all through mobility.

HopSkipDrive currently operates in 22 major markets across 12 states, and has contracts with 400+ school districts and county government agencies. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers have safely driven 2M Riders over 20M+ safe miles.

HSM Transportation Solutions – Booth 524

HSM manufactures Safety Seats, Portable Child Seats, Aftermarket Foams and Vinyl to the school bus industry.

IC Bus – Booth 711

IC Bus is a leading Type C and Type D school bus manufacturer based in Lisle, IL that offers industry leading safety and technology systems.

IEE Sensing – Booth 904

IEE S.A. is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced sensing solutions and electronics for the automotive, building security and management, sports and medical areas, and looking into broadening its sensors’ offer for additional markets, industries and applications. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Bissen, Luxembourg, the company has since expanded and runs operations in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. IEE employs over 4,100 people, with more than 10% of the company’s workforce focused on Research & Development, working on uncovering the next technologies.

M – Z

MicroBird – Booth 511

Micro Bird is the only vertically integrated Type-A manufacturer in the industry. With over 55,000 vehicles of various fuel types on the road, we have the experience, the knowledge and a network of 50+ dealership throughout North America to support you. Come see how our products will meet your every needs!

Netradyne – Booth 611

Netradyne’s vision-based Driver•i® is the most advanced fleet safety camera, with Edge Computing to capture and analyze video immediately, creating timely alerts to avoid risky situations. Unlike legacy platforms that use G-force triggers to record video, Driver•i’s high-definition cameras have advanced AI object detection to “see” the entire drive. Managers receive the complete safety picture via instant alerts, reports, driver scores, and video-on-demand. Drivers receive recognition for good driving, so they feel appreciated, stay safe, and stay on your team.

Pegasus Specialty Vehicles – Booth 521

Pegasus Specialty Vehicles is a new entry in the Type A and C school bus space.  Utilizing the standard type A chassis and introducing new chassis from Zeus Electric Chassis and Peterbilt, Ohio based Pegasus sells through a nationwide dealer network and will work hard to meet your requirements.

Q’Straint – Booth 504

For over 35 years, Q’STRAINT has been an industry leader in Wheelchair Passenger Safety Solutions focused on developing the most innovative solutions to advance the safety and effectiveness of wheelchair passenger travel.

REI – Booth 710

U.S.-based REI® designs, engineers and services innovative solutions and electronics for the transportation industry. Among the highlights: integrated hardware and software for mobile video surveillance, stop-arm monitoring, ADAS/collision avoidance systems, and automated fleet management in the cloud. 

Our roster features:  

ARMOR™ Software Suite – simplify fleet management with automated event and diagnostic notifications, automated video downloading, real-time viewing capability, and live bus tracking

Wide-angle HD cameras – see and hear activities between seats, in wheelchair zones, stairwells, aisles, etc. 

Multi-channel DVRs – record events in HD

360˚ camera system – monitor bus exteriors using bird’s-eye and panoramic views

Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System – provide real-time alerts to help drivers prevent and mitigate collisions

On our staff is a team of more than 30 engineers and technical support personnel experienced in software, hardware, firmware and mechanical development.

An all-in-one solutions provider, REI is dedicated to long-term customer satisfaction.

Contact us today! 800.228.9275 | 

Rosco Vision – Booth 621

Rosco is a leading global supplier of vision safety solutions to the bus and truck marketplace with over 115 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Since 1907, Rosco has been headquartered in New York City, keeping their products engineered, manufactured, and supported in the USA. Today, Rosco remains the largest manufacturer of bus mirrors in North America and continues to develop technological innovations for safer roads. Rosco’s intelligent solutions include AI-powered cameras and recording, cutting edge collision avoidance systems and cloud based SaaS platforms that improve safety, fleet efficiency, and driver productivity. Rosco’s staff has grown to over 275 employees in facilities totaling 175,000 square feet. Distinguished bus and truck manufacturers installing Rosco products on new vehicles include Freightliner / Thomas Built Buses, Blue Bird, Navistar/IC Bus, REV Group Companies, Forest River Companies, and many others.

Safe Fleet – Booth 625

Safety is at the core of everything we do, with the goal of helping our customers reduce preventable accidents across their fleets.
Safe Fleet’s school bus product line includes advanced technology, mobile video surveillance, mirrors, roof hatches, lighting, stop and crossing arms. Together, these products form an integrated platform to help school bus fleets predict and prevent accidents, create better drivers, smarter vehicles and safer fleets. At Safe Fleet, we are driving safety forward.

SafeGuard / IMMI – Booth 414

SafeGuard®, the industry leader, provides the best protection for children on school buses. That’s why more districts trust SafeGuard’s lap-shoulder belts, ICS, and portable restraints.

Safety Brake Set – Booth 529

Safety Brake Set has been in business for over 20 years developing and manufacturing Brake Warning systems and Brake Easy Set Systems for school buses, transit buses and commercial vehicles.

Safety Vision – Booth 315

Safety Vision is a mobile technology provider for fleets, specializing in student transportation, public transit, public safety, and commercial vehicles. Safety Vision provides internal and external video monitoring, stop arm photo enforcement programs, telematics, and on-board wi-fi.

School-Radio – Booth 420

School-Radio provides affordable, easy-to-use communication and GPS tracking solutions for schools. Our portable radios, mobile radios, dispatch console, and GPS tracking software help keep students safe and improve school operations. With School-Radio, administrators can communicate with staff and students quickly and easily, no matter where they are. Our dispatch console and GPS tracking software give schools real-time location information for staff, buses, and other vehicles.

SMART tag by Secured Mobility – Booth 611

SMART tag™ was the first onboard tablet solution for school buses in the country. What makes SMART tag™ unique is that it is the system conceived by a school bus driver. And not just any school bus driver, a Texas school bus driver that started on a Special Needs bus! Therefore, we are very focused on features specific to transporting student with Special Needs.

Thomas Built Buses – Booth 811

School Bus OEM

Trans/Air – Booth 310

Climate control products & services for the transportation industry.

Transfinder – Booth 604

Transfinder has been providing intelligent transportation solutions used by more than 3,000 school districts for more than three decades. Districts turn to Transfinder for routing, communications, parent and driver apps, attendance, field trips, GPS, preventative maintenance, and expert professional services. Transfinder offers all-in-one options for managing school transportation operations to increase safety, save money, and build transparency.
Learn more about the full-featured easy to use, browser-based solution that is revolutionizing school transportation, Routefinder PLUS. Routefinder PLUS offers unlimited what-if scenarios, artificial intelligence optimization, and full calendar-based routing. PLUS, combined with Stopfinder, the only parent app truly integrated into Routefinder for real-time updates, helps districts keep their communities up to date and avoid the spread of misinformation. In addition, Stopfinder offers ETA so parents can find their child’s bus. Combined with GPS technology school districts can take advantage of our all-in-one vehicle app, Wayfinder, for student attendance tracking and turn-by-turn navigation.

Transportant – Booth 722

Transportant, a fully integrated Student Transportation Management Platform is changing the way people think of Pupil Transportation. With a suite of services that include Live Audio/Video, Speak into Bus, Driver Route Navigation, RidershipTracking, Second-By-Second GPS, Unlimited WiFi, and a Mobile App in an affordable and integrated platform, School Districts can finally have everything they want!

Tripspark – Booth 424

Routing Software, GPS, On Board Technology Software and hardware vendor. Offers all services, software, hardware and support.

Tyler Technologies – Booth 728

Tyler can help you efficiently and cost-effectively manage your day-to-day needs —safely transporting students to and from school. By providing transportation officials with access to data — such as stop location, student time on the bus, student’s assigned school and vehicle mechanics — our software helps the most complex district manage students’ transportation, ultimately ensuring student safety. Our functionality includes bus routing, fleet maintenance, work orders, trip management, AVL/ GPS tracking, entity management (students, vehicles, employees, etc.), messaging and alerts, planning and operations, and reporting. Available as a cloud-based solution and compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Zonar – Booth 410

Founded in 2001, Zonar has pioneered smart fleet management solutions throughout the pupil transportation industry. Zonar helps fleets of all sizes maximize the use of their assets with technology solutions dedicated to improving compliance, efficiency, maintenance, ridership visibility, safety and tracking. Cloud-based services with open API’s drive Zonar’s smart fleet solutions by making it easy for school bus fleet managers to stay connected to their fleets and drivers to dispatch. Headquartered in Seattle and majority-owned by technology company Continental, Zonar also has a Technology Development Center in downtown Seattle, a regional office in Cincinnati, and a distribution center outside of Atlanta.